• "Chalet Grande"

    Our lovely Chalet Grande is the perfect place for family holidays, group holidays, gatherings, parties, celebrations, sport orientated holidays or possibly small weddings. Please note we may be very busy at peak times, especially in Summer and Winter times therefore we do advise you to make a booking as early as possible.

  • "Chalet Petit"

    A lovely, sunny Little Chalet located directly in our Wallachian resort in a separate little chalet. It's located in the attic and it features fully equipped kitchen, bathroom, two bedrooms for up to 4 persons and a living room.

Valachian Chalets are located on the Czech-Slovakian border in Beskydy Mountains. Our lovely chalets in valachian style are delicately placed into the beautifully surrounding nature. Your first impression is enhanced by a beautiful view over the peak of mountains with all-day sun. Our Chalets are the perfect place for your holiday throughout the whole year. We are looking forward to seeing you soon!

Our chalets are built in a traditional way and very typical for this eastern region of Valachia, Czech Republic. They are set in the beautiful local countryside.

Kids are very welcome in our chalets. With plenty to play with we attract families who just love to stay outdoor. And if your are an adult then you will play just like a child yet again.

Chill-out after a long day out! Have a nice bottle of wine from a famous Czech wine maker or try the best Pilsner Urquell Beer. Then relax in our little wellness. Feel like at home.

There is plenty of what to do in Velke Karlovice and in the close neighbourhood. From different sport activities to sightseeing and cultural experiences. Just pick your favourite activity.