• "Chalet Grande"

    Our lovely Chalet Grande is the perfect place for family holidays, group holidays, gatherings, parties, celebrations, sport orientated holidays or possibly small weddings. Please note we may be very busy at peak times, especially in Summer and Winter times therefore we do advise you to make a booking as early as possible.

  • "Chalet Petit"

    A lovely, sunny Little Chalet located directly in our Wallachian resort in a separate little chalet. It's located in the attic and it features fully equipped kitchen, bathroom, two bedrooms for up to 4 persons and a living room.

"Chalet Petit"

“Chalet Petit” is located in the same resort but separately from our “Large Chalet” and is fully independent. It features 2 bedrooms, nice kitchen with a view over our resort, bathroom and a living room with an extra bed. It is suitable for groups from 2-5 persons. If you love nice and quiet this is the chalet to rent.

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